Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So Thankful.

I am truly thankful for all the help I am receiving from people that are helping me achieve this goal!

Thankful for my mother who has not left my side at all, who has been helping me, pushing me to make this happen.

Thankful for my boyfriend who let me borrow the money I needed to complete my enrollment payment.

Thankful for all the people who have been donating to my little 'Feed Ely in Spain Can'. It says "Me falta poquito, Me ayudan? Poquito es mucho! Gracias, <3ely" Which means "I'm almost there, will you help me? A little is a lot. Thank you, <3ely"

I love how many people have been helping me, and I will always remember that I didn't do this completely alone.

If you helped me in any way and are reading this, THANK YOU! I really, really, appreciate how much you have helped me. However much. :)

I'm so blessed. And excited.

<3 ely


  1. Wooooo! we all love you so much and want you to be happy so whatever you need just hollar lol

    1. Aww thank you so much woman! :D Love you too! You should do a blog about Orli so I can watch him grow while I'm away AND you'll have a place to keep memories! :D eh eh?

    2. i wouldn't know how to do that, i'm having trouble communicating with you on this haha