Monday, January 16, 2012

Surprises :)

On Saturday the 14, my boyfriend and my friends threw me a surprise going away party (one month in advance)! I was so excited! I had been having a bad day but I looked forward to going to the movies with Oscar. I got ready and he picked me up around 6. He asked me if I would mind if we went to one of our friend's house to pick up a book he had let her borrow before heading to the movies. I said I didn't mind and so we went. He had told me a few days back about how his friend's sister wanted the book back so I didn't find it suspicious. When we got to Marlene's house, I saw another friend standing outside talking on the phone and I thought 'What is he doing here?' So then he went inside and we followed him in and before I knew what was happening I was attacked with silly string! All I heard was 'Surprise!!!' from a bunch of people as I closed my eyes and tried to escape but they still got me!

So after all the commotion we all went inside and they told me how they had planned it all and how Oscar and I weren't really going to the movies. I just laughed and thanked them all and hugged them.

I have the best friends ever.

They made me dance with them to Coldplay and pinned dollar bills on me like how we usually do at weddings.

This guy dancing with me <3

I even danced with my best friend's baby! The cutest caterpillar baby. 

I got a monkey piƱata :)                          
The Monkey Was Decapitated

Of course, they had to smash cake all over my face and my hair!

Some of the best people in the world

 Oh, how I will miss these crazy kids! <3

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  1. bobely!! ah that was a fun night!! hurry back so we can have a welcome back party! w000000 love you!